5 Best Balloon Styling Tips You Need to Know 🎈

If you’d like to add a little whimsy and excitement to your events, why settle for just the ordinary? With Balloon Garlands, there’s nowhere to go but up!

There are endless new ways to breathe life into your event with experiential styling balloon solutions. Nothing says “special occasion” quite like balloons.

Here are FIVE ways you can bring your event to life with balloons:

1. Play with colour and size

Who says balloons need to be uniform? Create something that catches the eye, guides the gaze of your guests and sets the tone for your event. They go from being a staple decoration to the feature.

2. Half-arches

Innovating the idea of a balloon arch, these fresh and creative takes are all the rage right now. Something a little unexpected and a little less template.

3. Immerse your guests

Creating immersive experiences means making the most of a space. Not just eye-level décor, but above you, around you and below you – spilling out of everywhere! These cool designs feel kind of shabby chic, effortless and certainly outside of the norm.

4. Thinking outside the box

Balloons can elevate spaces in unusual ways. Adding a layer of fabric to the outside gives them texture, wrapping them around your venue spaces or creating spatial features with them are smart ways of keeping them fresh and interesting.

5. Florals

Flowers never go out of style. Soften your balloons with cleverly integrated florals – dried or fresh.

So if you’re looking to add a little pop and pizzazz to your next event, why not experiment with some dynamic balloon theming? And for more tips and tricks sign up to our newsletter below, or check out more of our past events and activations here!

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