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Luminary Group specialises in providing the right brand partnership event options to make sure your brand gets noticed for all the right reasons and at the right time.

Powerful brand partnership options massively increase brand awareness and reputation. At Luminary Group, we have a wealth of experience in co-branded opportunities with popular brands to help grow your own.

Under the Luminary spotlight, we make your brand partnership event shine so your business thrives.

What is a Brand Partnership?

At Luminary Group, we know how important it is to get the right partner to collaborate with and match the values and objectives of your brand.

A brand partnership or co-branding opportunity is a strategic marketing arrangement that brings together two or more brands is an alliance in order to benefit all brands involved.

The objective is to strengthen the brands positions in their market place and leverage the opportunities to get in front of new audiences and potential customers.

5 Benefits of Brand Partnership

The five benefits of brand partnership that will give you an advantage in the market are as follows:

  1. New Audiences – Gain new audiences and consideration through mutual endorsements. By partnering with other brands you can offer one another the support by using existing communications channels to offer brand coverage and recommendations.
  2. More Advertising – Make your marketing budgets go further sharing advertising costs.
  3. Increased Awareness – More brands means more potential to get in front of consumers and create more noise in the market place. This allows you to increase the awareness of your brand in front of new audiences and potential consumers.
  4. Brand Reputation – You can use a partnership to either create a positive perception through aligned values and objectives or shift how you’re seen in the market by partnering with brands that allow you to be seen differently.
  5. Resource Alliance – Whether it’s people or tools, a partnership can allow you to get exposure to new tools and ways of doing things in order to innovate in your market and stand out in front of the competition.

The Brand Partnership Checklist

A checklist is great start to make sure you’ve considered all the checks and balances in order create the most beneficial brand partnership. Here are some places to start:

  1. Align and agree your goals
  2. Agree to promote each other
  3. Research how your potential partner engages with their customers
  4. Create something together that adds value for your customer
  5. Solve a problem together
  6. Ensure your brand values and story aligns
  7. Understand each others customers
  8. Ensure your audiences are similar but don’t overlap too much
  9. Ask your customers what they think
  10. Agree on a plan including timings and accountabilities to achieve your goals.

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