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Luminary Group specialises in providing the right brand promotion event options to make sure your brand gets noticed for all the right reasons and in a way that matches your campaign objectives.

We provide many different ways to grow your brand through campaigns specific to your brands current needs and future goals.

Under the Luminary spotlight, we make your brand promotion event shine so your business thrives.

What is a brand promotion?

If you want to increase brand awareness, create interest in your product or service, generate sales or create brand loyalty, then look no further than a brand promotion campaign.

A brand promotion could include a promotional event, experiential marketing campaign or sales promotions.

Through our extensive experience, Luminary Group can help you think differently about the space and come up with some great ideas that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

5 reasons to promote your brand

No matter your size, you need to keep your audience engaged.  Aligning your promotion to your audience and brand will ensure to keep them hooked. Here are 5 reasons you should know:

  1. Let people know who you are.
  2. Increase your brand visibility and familiarity.
  3. Tell a consistent story and share a consistent message.
  4. Drive WOM (Word of Mouth) and generate referrals.
  5. Connect with your customers.

11 Takeaways to create a cool experiential marketing campaign:

Hubspot have pulled together 11 of the coolest experiential marketing campaigns, so we’ve summarised the takeaways below but definitely check out the article for some great ideas:

  1. Partner with artists and musicians to create a memorable experience – but keep it on brand.
  2. Embrace the power of suspense and create a personal experience for your audience.
  3. Find your voice and work out what you want to say then build your experience around it.
  4. Find the fun and the good and give back (if you can) to your community, not only your customers.
  5. Make it socially shareable and create branded hashtags.
  6. Partnerships could help you amplify your message and make an even better experience.
  7. Shoot for the stars and think about your audiences aspirations and how they could work with your brand, then design your experience around it.
  8. B2B experiences work too!
  9. Create a creative experience that shows your audience how a product could benefit them.
  10. Allow for your audience to network, collaborate and play.
  11. Gamify and ensure your audience feels a sense of accomplishment, driving passion for your brand.

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