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Luminary Group specialises in providing the right product launch event to make sure you get noticed for all the right reasons and in a way that matches your campaign objectives.

Have a new product you want to release? An activation event can make all the difference in the success of your launch.

Under the Luminary spotlight, we make your product shine so your business thrives.

Why invest in an event to launch my product?

At Luminary Group we know that your product launch event goes hand in hand with your pre-launch and go live advertising strategy.

Creating an opportunity to invite audiences (and the press) to experience your product helps to build buzz and lasting experiences for those who attend to share their stories. Given the right planning, it also gives you some great content to share and be shared by others.

Through smart ideas, being bold, being creative and having a compelling story to tell, we can help your product come to life and positively impact your event attendees.

We will help you to:

  • Write a clear brief
  • Know who your customers are
  • Work collectively with everyone involved in the event
  • Identify an idea and message to build the event around
  • Land on the right date and time
  • Differentiate the event offering to appeal to different skews of your audience
  • Create a big bang without the big budget
  • Encourage you to take risks but make sure you are fully prepped and have a plan b.
  • Create personalised experiences that engage your audience.

Your checklist for the perfect product launch!

Create a buzz, don’t blow the budget and get the best exposure you can.

If you’re a new brand in the market and have a new product or service your want to launch, or your a well established brand with a new variant to push, here’s a checklist to perfect your product launch, thanks to entrepreneur.com (link to the full article below):

  1. Define your strategy – Identify your core audience, get advice (listen to it), look and learn, create messaging for buyers, engage don’t sell (all the time) to avoid¬†buyer fatigue, keep focused and spend wisely!
  2. Be relentless with your outreach – Create content, make yourself visible and keep going.
  3. Be in the know – Know your audience, know your product’s value and be intentional with a multi-media approach.
  4. Be a thought leader and aim for major media exposure.
  5. Build your community – A group of superfans will help to drive WOM later, so engage with your ‘team’ and listen to what they have to say.
  6. Find your influencers – Brand ambassadors who’s interests align with yours will help to create buzz. Engage and treasure them and bring them into the fold.
  7. Create pre-launch videos and drive leads – This will jump start the campaign and collect data. Do it thoughtfully and intentionally to ensure you’ve got everything ready to capture the information you want.
  8. Understand how technology can help – If it’s right for your product a webinar can help tell your story and gauge interest from your audience.

11 Takeaways to create a cool experiential marketing campaign:

Hubspot have pulled together 11 of the coolest experiential marketing campaigns, so we’ve summarised the takeaways below, but definitely check out the article for some great ideas to inspire your product launch event:

  1. Partner with artists and musicians to create a memorable experience – but keep it on brand.
  2. Embrace the power of suspense and create a personal experience for your audience.
  3. Find your voice and work out what you want to say then build your experience around it.
  4. Find the fun and the good and give back (if you can) to your community, not only your customers.
  5. Make it socially shareable and create branded hashtags.
  6. Partnerships could help you amplify your message and make an even better experience.
  7. Shoot for the stars and think about your audiences aspirations and how they could work with your brand, then design your experience around it.
  8. B2B experiences work too!
  9. Create a creative experience that shows your audience how a product could benefit them.
  10. Allow for your audience to network, collaborate and play.
  11. Gamify and ensure your audience feels a sense of accomplishment, driving passion for your brand.

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